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It comes pre-loaded with 12 parent approved, fun and educational ContentBarrier X9 knows that the Internet is a double-edged sword: Intego ContentBarrier acts as your children's Qustodio Professional is the easiest way to monitor and manage your network. Whether you are a business looking to enhance productivity and limit distractions, or you are a school administrator looking KidsGoGoGo filters unknown adult-only sites by analogy, as well as known adult sites by database.

All you need to do is installing KidsGoGoGo in order to protect children from harmful web sites. KidsServer PE is proxy type software and filtering most harmful sites.

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KidsServer PE block the blog sites as well as web Which one is reliable? Which programs are easy for your child to bypass? How do you know if the program will do what it promises? All of these questions come to mind when you are seeking to protect your child online.

Keep your kids safe online with these great parental control tools

Here are a few helpful tips on how to choose Keylogger Mac software that will ensure your child is safe. You will find a variety of different software for both Windows and Mac. Each type of software offers different features which may or may not be useful.

The features should be comprehensive which allows you to protect your child in a variety of ways. If you have a PC that runs on Windows, the software you choose should also offer a comprehensive set of features. Make sure the parental control software you choose provides password protection. Some of the free software and cheaper parental control programs do not offer password protection which means your child can change the configuration or disable the software altogether. Many of the versions of parental control software may be effective however they do not run undetected.

Parental Control Software for Mac (Macintosh OS X)

PureSight can overwrite offensive words in incoming and outgoing messages, end a potentially dangerous conversation immediately, while blocking the other party and notifying the parents immediately. PureSight has a list of offensive words, and constantly tracks IM slangs to weed out crude language used in the conversations it monitors.

Parents can even add their own words, which may have escaped the list. SafetyWeb highlights red flags on potentially dangerous actions, such as when your children approves someone suspicious as their friend.

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It also has a monitoring system that is triggered by topics and keywords that are related to bullying, drugs, alcohol, racism and even eating disorders. SafetyWeb may be pricey, but it is a very convenient tool for you to monitor almost every social networking account your child has, and perhaps bring serious issues to light before it is too late to act. Used by over 12 million students worldwide, NetTrekker is an educational, child-safe search engine highly recommended for school-age children.

Unlike other parental controls tools which blocks offensive content, NetTrekker is essentially a search engine entirely built to churn only educational results. Safe Eyes is a good parental control tool for families with more than one children.

Each copy carries a license you can use on three different PCs or Macs, and you can manage up to 10 different profiles with customized settings. Safe Eyes can also block websites based on dozens of different categories. Although filtering for each type of media can be customized, users can also opt for three levels of filtration: