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I spent the best part of 10 minutes just sat on the runway trying to work out how to start the engines whilst Air Traffic Control went crazy at me. In the end, the best I managed was to race around the airport before crashing into and destroying a control tower, killing all on board. For those that do have more patience, they need merely move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen where a drop down menu will present access to preferences, instructions, control configuration and many other options. For those that just want to fly free as a bird and admire the scenery, X-Plane is not for you.

It's not a game!. To get the best out of this you need to be really interested in flight and flight simulation! It does make your brow sweat when you know things are going badly on landings! You were warned! Mac Games Simulation X-Plane Incredibly realistic 3D flight simulator Have you ever wanted to take charge of a commercial airliner and fly around the world? View full description.


Softonic review Have you ever wanted to take charge of a commercial airliner and fly around the world? The Sims 4 The greatest life simulation series returns for a fourth installment. Added sector altitudes in VFR map. New UI options to enlarge font size. New UI for manually setting joystick curves per axis. Situation files get you close to landmarks for quick sight seeing.

User submitted joystick config files. Summary of AP changes in This phases in the ground effect from front to back as we approach a tall helipad! Wing force improvements: This new improvement makes ZERO difference when the wing is not stalled, but post-stall, the drag is now much more accurate. It is a change to Airfoil Maker and the airfoil files that we distribute!

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If you want to realize this new accuracy in your personal or third-party aircraft, then fire up Airfoil Maker and do the batch-update to update all of your airfoils. So, for third-party aircraft-makers, do a batch-convert on your airfoils in Airfoil Maker, and then re-test any post-stall flight that you want to. You will see that the drag is initially higher than in previous versions of X-Plane.

Propeller and propwash modeling improvements: Now in Plane Maker, engines screen, you will notice some really cool new stuff. Ellipse ratio: Enter a value of 1. Now in addition to the helix-angle prop-twist, we add some AOA to the blades to get us to the optimal AOA for the airfoil… with some washout near the tip to reduce induced drag if desired. And in X-Plane, the propwash is now much nicer: This increase in propwash speed over distance is modeled after charts showing inflow of air into the prop disc, watching the air accelerate as it is pulled into the disc, and pressurized to continue speeding up behind the disc!

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Hit the control-m key a few times while looking at a propeller airplane at full thrust and not moving or slowly moving to really see this effect. Downwash modeling improvements: With update from NACA tech reports on observed downwash, we now see the same thing on airliners of that configuration in X-Plane! So, the technical reports have been taken into X-Plane, and the results match flight-test on large aircraft where these pitch changes can be most precisely measured.

Engine improvements: Better jet engine modeling: We now have single-spool and twin-spool jets selectable in Plane-Maker! Now, you can select single or twin-spool jets in Plane-Maker to really get the jet engine dynamics better in the spool-up and spool-down, watching N2 lead N1 on the spool-up, or the other way around on the spool-down. I have validated this model against careful recordings of engine starts and throttle run-ups and shut-downs taken on a real Airbus A to make sure they match perfectly.

As well in Plane Maker you can specify the correlation between N1 and N2, so even though the two can turn freely from each other, aero loads will ultimately drive them to the ratio you specify in Plane Maker which varies with N1 and N2!

Nice little improvement in the manifold pressure model for non-turbo airplanes ones where you entered critical altitude of zero in Plane Maker engine window , where the sim now understands that lower back-pressure at altitude for non-turbo airplanes provides a bit more power per inch of manifold pressure. So, a nice little bit of improvement in the manifold pressure model. Nice little carb ice improvement: We now look at the actual dynamic pressure and resulting Bernoulli effects in the Venturi tube itself to see when ice will form!

So this is a nice way to use physics to predict carb ice.

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Free N1 turbo old: This is the PT6 turboprop model from X-Plane for many years now, where the N1 is used as the compressor Ng in the real engine. This is a rather old model, and using N1 for Ng is perhaps a bit awkward, when you understand how the real engine works. Free N2 Turobrop: This is the new model, which is more accurate and very carefully matched to real PT6 performance. This uses N2 for Ng, which makes a lot of sense, when you understand how the real engine works. As well it uses N1 for the turbine that is attached to the prop, so the N2 drives the torque, and the N1 is spun by that, just like a high-bypass turbofan engine.

So, this use of N2 for the Ng makes much more sense, and the model is more accurate as well, so this is the new turboprop model that you should use. Fixed turboprop: Unchanged for years, roughly modeled after the Garret turboprops. A much better Garret model is indeed coming! Jet 1 spool: This is the jet engine model from X-Plane for many years now, and is simply not as good as it could be. This model always has the N1 spinning at a ratio to N2 that was a simple power curve. Version Language English.

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