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On the client PCs, I run the Connector installer. An error occurs after being prompted to enter my WHS password:. This operation cannot be completed at this time.

Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Product Support. Server ID is not set yet. On the client it means that the server discovery discovery. I have tried getting the Connector working of a variety of machines now, so I don't believe that the error exists on the client end. I would copy the entire Home Server Connector software to your local drive and run it from there.

In a few cases I've had failures where running directly from the home server failed but running the exe from the local machine worked fine. Check the time zones on your home server and your client machines. I once had that problem and I resolved it using the same time zones on all machines. Try turning off the firewall on your systems for a few minutes to see if they're blocking your communications remember to turn it back on afterwards. If you're running OneCare which overrides the default Firewall , check to ensure that it isn't locking you down with its firewall.

I've had it reset to a Public security configuration after it pulls down updates in the past, which blocks many network services.

How to install the Windows Home Server 2011 connector software

When I've had similar problems installing the WHS connector software, it's been because the client has had trouble finding the server. What's your network setup like? Are these other PCs connected the same way your main PC is? I'll bet you're using non-ANSI characters in your system password. For some reason, they boogered the handling of the password in the web-service protocol that the Connector uses to talk to the server.


I've got an open issue on the Microsoft Connect about this as well as one they shouldn't have closed. So, change the WHS Administrator password to a much less secure one that doesn't have extended-characters in it. How rediculous is this. They make you use characters to have a safe password! First they dont update to PRPP1 and dont tell anyone, now this. Many frustrations with MS products lately. It is there because we checked the box during the final step of the Connector installation.

The Launchpad will now start with Windows, but you can disable that if you wish.

installation - Windows Home Server Connector Failing to Install - Super User

There is also a new icon in the ntification area of the taskbar. This is where the day to day interaction with the server takes place. You can manually start a backup, launch the remote access web site, open the shared server folders, and open the Dashboard.

The Launchpad does take up screen realestate on smaller screens, but it can be closed and opened at will. More importantly it shows the status of the home server and network at a glance. The icon is Green when everything is functioning as it should, but will change to Red for serious issues, Yellow for minor problems, and Gray when the server is unavailable.

The Dashboard provides access to the server settings from any client computer and is the reason you do not need a monitor, keyboard, or mouse attached to the server. All setup and settings can be managed from a client computer using the Dashboard. Enter the server password you chose during installation to open the Dashboard. In the mean time be sure to install the Connector software on the remaining computers.

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Do you know any way around this? I get to the point where it creates the computer on the server Home server but then I get an error message.

When I look into the event viewer, I see that there was a. I have been able to install the connector on other XP Professional computers. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Runtime error: EventType clr20r3, P1 clientdeploy.

Connecting to the server

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