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Kids might associate the name with mean Mr.

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McDermott means -- surprise, surprise! This Scottish surname is more often the singular McAdam.

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The first name Adam was introduced to England and Scotland by returning Crusaders, who began giving their children biblical names. Beatle Sir Paul and his fashion designer daughter Stella bear the Scottish form of the name McCarthy, which is less common and thereby more distinctive than its Irish version. Macfarlane is an ancient Scottish surname, also recorded in Ireland, related to the name Bartholomew.

McGraw is a common Irish surname whose high-profile bearers include Dr. Phil and actress Ali. News Politics Entertainment. Communities HuffPost Personal Videos. Skip to Article. I have a girlfriend from school whose brother is named that, he must be about 24 now or something.

I love the nn Mac! That's what he goes by, as Mackenzie has gone to the girls. I knew a boy named Maclaren, I always thought it was kind of weird though.

You Can’t Get More Celtic Than a ‘Mc’ or ‘Mac’ Baby Name

I've also known a boy names McKenzie that everyone called Mac. My son is Macklon. It's a family name, it's Scottish. Also spelled Macklin. We call him Mack. I think Mack is an absolutely adorable nn.

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I knew a guy with the last name MacCorrmic. It was pronounced Mac-Core-mic. You could opt for Mickcormic. I think Mackenzie is a very handsome boy's name.

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There were two very popular boy's in my high school graduating class named Mackenzie, but no girls. I'm also fairly young, so this wasn't very long ago, after Mackenzie had "gone to the girls".

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