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First, unlock the screen before plugging in the USB cable. When you plugin in the USB cable you will get a popup notification. Finally, you might get a popup on the device every time calibre or the operating system actually tries to connect to it, asking for permission, tap OK. You can browse your calibre collection on your Android device by using the calibre Content server, which makes your collection available over the net. You can now browse your book collection and download books from calibre to your device to open with whatever e-book reading software you have on your android device.

Calibre Companion and many reading apps support browsing the calibre library directly. You can now browse the calibre library and download directly into the reading software. See Der Calibre Inhalteserver for details. In that case, change the port in the calibre Preferences to On some operating systems, you may not be able to run the server on a port number less than because of security settings.

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In this case the simplest solution is to adjust your router to forward requests on port 80 to port Also some devices do not have browsers advanced enough to run the app-like interface used by the content server. So, when using these services to send mail calibre automatically restricts itself to sending one book every five minutes. Offenbar scheint nur Kobo verstanden zu haben, dass das Leben zu kurz ist, um Sammlungen per Hand auf einem eInk Bildschirm einzugeben: Note that in the case of the Kindle, there is a way to manipulate collections via USB, but it requires that the Kindle be rebooted every time it is disconnected from the computer, for the changes to the collections to be recognized.

As such, it is unlikely that any calibre developers will ever feel motivated enough to support it. There is however, a calibre plugin that allows you to create collections on your Kindle from the calibre metadata. It is available from here. Das macht selbst die oben genannte Erweiterung nutzlos, es sei denn, Sie rooten Ihren Kindle und installieren eine Custom-Firmware.

Der Kobo hat eine sehr fehlerhafte Firmware. Verbindungen schlagen ohne erkennbaren Grund fehl. Das kann eine Weile dauern.

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Beachten Sie: Calibre verwaltet den Inhalt dieses Ordners automatisch. Metadata about the books is stored in the file metadata. This file is a sqlite database. When backing up your library make sure you copy the entire folder and all its sub-folders. The library folder and all its contents make up what is called a calibre library. You can have multiple such libraries.


To manage the libraries, click the calibre icon on the toolbar. Author names are complex, especially across cultures, see this note for some of the complexities. The first thing to understand is that books and authors are separate entities in calibre. A book can have more than one author, and an author can have more than one book. You can manage the authors of a book by the edit metadata dialog.

You can manage individual authors by right clicking on the author in the Tag browser on the left of the main calibre screen and selecting Manage authors.

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Using this dialog you can change the name of an author and also how that name is sorted. This will automatically change the name of the author in all the books of that author. Das ist praktisch, wenn Sie es mit Namen zu tun haben, die Calibre nicht richtig verarbeitet. Um das zu erreichen tun sie folgendes falls der Hinweis unten nicht auf Sie zutrifft:.

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To those of you that claim that you need access to the filesystem, so that you can have access to your books over the network, calibre has an excellent Content server that gives you access to your calibre library over the net. Er ist Robustheit. You can export all calibre data books, settings and plugins and then import it on another computer. Simply copy the calibre library folder from the old to the new computer.

You can find out what the library folder is by clicking the calibre icon in the toolbar. Now on the new computer, start calibre for the first time. It will run the Welcome wizard asking you for the location of the calibre library. Point it to the previously copied folder. If the computer you are transferring to already has a calibre installation, then the Welcome wizard wont run.

In that case, right-click the calibre icon in the toolbar and point it to the newly copied directory. You will now have two calibre libraries on your computer and you can switch between them by clicking the calibre icon on the toolbar. Transferring your library in this manner preserver all your metadata, tags, custom columns, etc. Ein Dateisystem ist ein kompliziertes Wesen. Den meisten Netzwerk-Dateisysteme fehlen Funktionen, die Calibre verwendet. Consider using the calibre Content server to make your books available on other computers. Run calibre on a single computer and access it via the Content server or a Remote Desktop solution.

Anders gesagt: Lassen Sie das Synchronisierungswerkzeug und Calibre nicht zusammen laufen.

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In particular, be aware that Google Drive is incompatible with calibre, if you put your calibre library in Google Drive, you will suffer data loss. See this thread for details. Otherwise, you can request a particular news site by posting in the calibre Recipes forum.

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  • Calibre wird Cal-i-ber und nicht Ca-li-bre ausgesprochen. E-book files support embedding only TrueType and OpenType.

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    • Most fonts on macOS systems are in. You can obtain many such fonts on the web. Simply download the. Ab Version 2. Deinstallieren Sie Calibre einfach und installieren dann Version 1. Installieren Sie das Programm noch einmal, dann sollte alles in Ordnung sein. If you get an error in the Welcome wizard on an initial run of calibre, try choosing a folder like C: If it still wont launch, start a command prompt press the Windows key and R; then type cmd.

      At the command prompt type the following command and press Enter:. Post any output you see in a help message on the Forum. If none of the above apply to you, then there is some other program on your computer that is interfering with calibre. First reboot your computer in safe mode, to have as few running programs as possible, and see if the crashes still happen. If they do not, then you know it is some program causing the problem. The only way to find the culprit is to eliminate the programs one by one and see which one is causing the issue.

      Basically, stop a program, run calibre, check for crashes. If they still happen, stop another program and repeat. Something on your computer is preventing calibre from accessing its own temporary files. Most likely the permissions on your Temp folder are incorrect. Go to the folder file: Temp folder, select Properties and go to the Security tab. Make sure that your user account has full control for this folder. Some users have reported that running the following command in an Administrator Command Prompt fixed their permissions.

      To get an Administrator Command Prompt search for cmd.

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      Alternately, you can run calibre as Administrator, but doing so will cause some functionality, such as drag and drop to not work. One common cause of failures on macOS is the use of accessibility technologies that are incompatible with the graphics toolkit calibre uses. Try turning off VoiceOver if you have it on. Another cause can be some third party apps that modify system behavior, such as Smart Scroll. You can obtain debug output about why calibre is not starting by running Console. Debug output will be printed to it. If the debug output contains a line that looks like:.

      You can clear the cache by following these instructions. Dieser Artikel wurde aufgrund Ihres Feedbacks am 3. Dezember zuletzt aktualisiert. Geben Sie die E-Mail-Adresse ein. Wenn Sie beispielsweise ein hotmail. Das Wichtigste zuerst: Wenn Sie ein Outlook. Treffen Sie dann eine Auswahl aus den folgenden Optionen:. Jetzt aber nicht mehr. Einrichten auf iPhone oder iPad. Einrichten von Windows Phone.

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      Wenn Sie eine Verbindung mit einem lokalen Exchange-Server herstellen. Tippen Sie auf Exchange. Open the app. Log in to your email account by entering your username and password. If you've entered your credentials correctly, you will be taken to your mailbox's Inbox. Incoming Server: Outgoing Server: How do I connect an email account from a different provider to myMail?

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