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Mac OS X Microphone Settings

What does a Mac Mini need for microphone input? Ask Question. I also tried the original iPhone's headphones to no avail and I wonder if this is normal? I tried using a 3 channel splitter like this then I plugged my speakers and my earphones with mic but nothing to do, mic still doesn't work Car Matte. Car 5 13 Is your simple jack mic expecting phantom power or an amplifier?

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  • Learn how to check if your microphone is correctly configured, fix the settings if it isn’t..
  • Which Mac Mini do you have since the hardware has changed significantly since it was introduced in Car May 3 '13 at Pang 4 7. So something like this would be a solution? Can't tell for sure from that link it's just a picture , but it appears like that would do the right thing. It does have the proper TRRS connector.

    If that answers your question, please mark it as answered green checkmark. I purchased one of those adapters, it works with my iPhone but not with my iMac. So, it depends very much on the headset. Best Microphone For Mac mini? An Apple compatible external microphone for Mac mini desktop computers is often a high priority for Macintosh users.

    Microphone Not Working In Mac OS X?

    Beside the Macintosh Pro tower system, the mini Mac is the only other Apple computer which doesn't include an internal microphone for basic sound recording needs. Of all Apple computer buyers, they're most likely to be shopping for a quality Mac mini microphone or other external Mac audio peripherals and accessories. Apple doesn't include an internal audio recording microphone in the Mac mini, nor does it include an external monitor, or even a keyboard, mouse in the box. For PC switchers, the Mac mini at least allows you to you leverage some of your existing computer accessories that you might already own.

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    For others, you're free to build your Mac mini setup with the precise microphone and other computer peripherals that you prefer. Depending on your audio, music and voice recording needs, you have four basic options to guide a Mac mini mic purchase: A stand-alone Mac USB microphone is best for podcasters, musicians and singers with more demanding Mac sound recording microphone needs. For many, a Mac webcam with mic is the smartest choice, especially if you buy a high-quality HD web camera that includes built-in stereo microphones.