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First cat on label, second on cover and spine "w" on label rim. K B1. Add Review progfan September 15, Report. You can already tell where they'll be heading in the future, usually from Christine McVie's songs.

Fleetwood Mac's MYSTERY TO ME | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

A song like "Believe Me" is a great example what I'm talking about. It could almost fit on Rumours had it not been for the almost-prog rock like-guitar solo Bob Welch gives here towards the end. But here the songs don't suffer from radio overplay the way the stuff off Rumours does. Bob Welch gives some of his best songs here, especially the rocking "Miles Away", and "Hypnotized" which is the most recognized song as it's been played on FM radio.

In fact if I ever mention anyone of the Bob Welch-era Fleetwood Mac, I refer them to this song I could also refer them to "Sentimental Lady", but they're more likely familiar with the solo rerecording than the original off Bare Trees. I think he re-recorded it for one of his solo albums later on. The band really jelled and the songs were all strong.

Holy Diver , Jan 29, I still love it after all these years. Hypnotized is a great stoner song. Keep On Going is a killer song Chris sings, that Welch wrote. I guess some people would think it's too soft, but I really like the Welch period.

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Try Heroes are Hard to Find--it's a vastly underrated lp! The Panda , Jan 29, I think it's a fantastic album my fave of theirs Another Martin Birch production that was anemic in the low end. Anybody successfully remaster it at home?

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. This was my first pre Mac album. I had heard "Hypnotized" before so I knew what to expect. I loved it from the first time I heard the opening strains of "Emerald Eyes". I was never a big fan of "The City" though.

"Mystery To Me" Album Lyrics

My college copy probably worn through is one of the few missing records in my collection. So I bought about five of them recently and finally found a good sounding one, gave the others to my daughters.

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  4. Emerald Eyes has great weight in the bass, the notes really add punch to the song. This is my favorite FM album. All of the later hit singles seemed weak. I never heard Time, however, and that lineup seems unusual enough to give it a shot. Perhaps I will….

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    Funny how Dave Mason skipped the Traffic reunion from around that time, but opted for a radical makeover of Mac MacOver? By then, the Rumours-era Mac was so well known that it was never going to work. No shock the Rumours-era Mac came back.

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    Big reunion tours, selling overpriced tickets to Boomers. Play a few new songs, maybe, but mostly play the tried and true classics. No-brainer, really.

    Bob Welch’s Missing Music: The Fleetwood Mac Years

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