Configure netboot mac os x server

Once provided, click Next. Next, select any profiles, packages or post-install scripts to run on the NetBoot image once created. Here, you can use a profile to deploy a printer, bind to Active Directory, or use a package to install software.

Creating a NetBoot Image and Setting Up a NetBoot Server | Knowledge Base | Jamf Nation

Here, you can provide a name as a base for computers to get a computer name or you can use a file to deploy names. At the Image Settings screen, provide a name for the image, as well as how the index number for the image is created. Click Next. Then, when prompted, select a location to store the Disk Image, provide any tags to be applied to the files that comprise the image and click on Save.

The computer will then start creating the NetBoot set. To get started, go back to the Server app. First, define which disk will host NetBoot Images. To do so, click on the Edit Storage Settings button.

Create a NetRestore Image

At the Storage Settings overlay, select the volume that Images will be hosted as well as the volume that Client Data will be hosted. The Image is what you are creating and the Client Data is dynamic data stored in images.

Use a bootpd relay

Then click on the OK button. Double-click on an image.

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Additionally, use the Make this image available for diskless booting option to allow computers without hard drives to boot to the image. Click on the image and then click on the cog-wheel icon. Do so to start the service. Once started, open a Terminal window. For example, to allow writing to the NetBoot share: But to end this one, many an old-school admin might wonder where all the settings went that used to be in the GUI.

Something to do with AFP limitations of 10 clients over the network then the shadow file fails over to the local disk? I used System Image Utility v For reference, this solution was picked up by brj back in The original article: Richard filed a bug report to Apple ref: Thanks benyoung for the feedback. I think what is also to be considered: Who serves the net boot image?

Use NetBoot across subnets with macOS Server

In my test lab I saw that the "same" set built with system image utility Could be the amount for memory allocated to the VM? Any hope of using the new NetInstall Creator and still get a netboot image that offers a script to wipe FV2 enabled drives see jarednichols post here https: It seems like there is now a step missing in this article and the one you link to in creating the image, on here or https: When you get to that bit on the other page it tells you to come here. Build a Package of the OS: When I use the NetInstall Creator, it gives me an error saying it cant find drive.

Obviously because drive is encrypted and cant mount without proper credentials. So can you use the Install OSX. Such as one created via AutoDMG. I've also an app that automates the NBI creation: Is this going to updated to work with Yosemite? This may seem sort of nit-picky, but this link and article used to be totally different and have information about creating a netboot image from scratch activating the root user, etc.

Most of the comments still attached to this article don't have much to do with the text above they reference the previous article. Is there anyway to access the previous document, or is it gone forever? I really don't want to have to print out useful articles I find here on Jamf Nation, but this isn't the first time I've run across this in a knowledge base article here. What's wrong with keeping the old articles around for reference I can't seem to find what I'm looking for through a search - so I'm assuming it's gone.

If it is somewhere, can you publish a link to it? Thanks in advance. After reading this https: We will have to consider other options if we cannot use SMB as we have been doing. After following these instructions and then netbooting a test machine I get stuck at "parsing JSS data It includes much more detail about imaging methods, workflows, and our recommendations based on your environment. Check it out and please let us know your feedback! Dialog with your fellow IT professionals, gain insight about Apple device deployments, share best practices and bounce ideas off each other.

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  • Imaging , Jamf Imaging , NetBoot. Requirements A minimal base OS image. A server with macOS server installed that you can use to host the NetBoot image. Casper NetInstall Image Creator v4. Select the path to your image source. Enter an image name. Enter an image index that differs from other NetBoot images hosted on the same server with macOS Server installed. Click the Enable this NetInstall Image checkbox. Select the latest version of Casper Imaging.

    Mac OS X Server: Setting up a wiki -

    Click the Create Casper Preference File checkbox. Click Create. Like Comment. Order by: Most Likes Oldest Newest. Possible to replace 10 lines in step 1 with: Thanks Matt, Thats exactly what I was trying to look for. Thanks Torin. Torin, There could be a couple of issues: Diskless option is not properly set on your netboot. Torin Did you ever get this sorted? I am having similar issues. Torin, peterleeman, Did either of you guys figure this out? They removed Server Admin.