Mac baren vanilla toffee cream

Recipes and craftsmanship handed over through 4 generations has made Mac Baren products to what they are today. Also in rolling tobacco Mac Baren make it a point of honor to ensure that only the best of the tobacco leaves are used and that only very little stems are left in the final product.

Mac Baren Classic Amber Loose Cut Pipe tobacco 100g Tin

When you go exploring in the world of Mac Baren pipe tobaccos, you enter a world full of scents and good old-fashioned craftsmanship. Please note: The aroma and taste of this fine tobacco is very well balanced between the vanilla, the toffee and the different tobaccos. The blend is the same as Vanilla Cream with some differences where ripe yellow Virginia is mixed with Burleys and a black Cavendish based on Virginia tobaccos.

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Classic Amber by Mac Baren Pipe Tobacco from My Smoking Shop Tobacconist

Brog Pipes Pipes2Smoke. Sep Posts: Feb Posts: I like Mac Baren blends, mostly their non-aros, but I have heard that Vanilla Cream is an excellent example of a vanilla aro. When aros are done well, they can be outstanding. Paul Preferred Member Joined: Jul Posts: During past few years its one of those blends which became very popular here,nonetheless I do not touch tobacco which has anything of vanilla scent-tastes in it,yet should to be said,Mc Barens really have skills and knowldege of producing these types of light and more aromatics,. May Posts: I could never wrap myself around this blend.

My wife hated it.

It made her eyes burn when I smoked it, even outside. I gave what I had left to my nephew who loves it. Oct Posts: Recently popped a tin - got as much fruit as I did vanilla, but still a real treat.

Mac Baren Classic Amber Pipe Tobacco 040g (Pouch)

I loved the stuff. Also really liked their Vanilla Toffee blend. Great taste and heavenly room note. Unfortunately, like most MacBaren blends, they burned my mouth no matter how I smoked them. Always feels like a chemical burn on my tongue after the first bowl.

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I'm not sure what they put in them that causes that, but it must be a body chemistry thing.