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This release is a big one. We gave the app some much needed love, actually a lot of love.

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The app now comes dressed in a lovely new iOS 11 inspired design. Our article teasers now allow you to jump straight to the comments with a single tap, and the ability to add that article to your bookmarks for reading later. We have much more visual treats coming soon, so stay tuned. Bug Fixes: We have made a number of changes in the background to tidy up the code and minimise potential bugs. Some users who got a push notification only to see the article load with a toolbar and tabbar at the same time.

Proper strange and its now fixed! We are back with a subtle update. Sure we have fixed some bugs like always, but we went a bit further and lashed some love on the video playback. No longer will you struggle on an iPhone X to interact with the controls. You can now even swipe up to dismiss a video, and if you really don't want to watch a video full screen, well now you can.

All in all, a far better experience. Tell us what you think: A few additional under the hood updates Tell us what you think: We've fixed tweets not displaying and a few other under the hood updates Tell us what you think: First up, the big three… - The long awaited commenting feature.

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Sign up for a free account and join the conversation on any subject that matters to you. Go forth and natter. Yep its that time again, a minor release to fix some weird things going on. Have you ever not been able to scroll an article after you resized the text? Yeah us too, so we sorted it. From time to time you may have seen two navigation bars, if you clicked an Ad or a weblink?

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In life we look for compatibility, especially with our partners right?! So we got all loved up with iOS 11 and made ourselves fully compatible Service requests. Before tax and shipping Total: Continue shopping.

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