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In addition to basic genogram symbols that indicate gender and other basic personal information, some family reationship symbols involving marriage, engagement, spearation, divorce, cohabitation and love affair are included in this genogram. This genogram illustrates emotional relationships in the four-generation family. Some emotional genogram symbols are applied to this genogram, such as friendship, close friend, in love, estranged, hostile, conflict and physical abuse.

Simple Genogram Template

Such kind of symbols are used to illustrate emotion of all individuals. For example, from the template below, we know that Machael and Ann are not only in marriage, bus also best friends. The following genogram displays medical facts of each individual with medical genogram symbols.

What's more, an annotation frame is offered below the diagram so that readers can understand this genogram with no confusion.

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For instance, heart disease, diabetes ans language problem are genetic illness. From the following template you see clearly whther s person is disease gene carrier, dominance patient or healthy. Office Efficiency. Graphic Design. Special Industry. What are you looking for? With Pedigree, you can create pedigree charts on your own or have it automatically generated by indicating proband relatives. Pedigree allows yo draw unlimited charts, track up to 10 genetic conditions, 5 custom data field per family member and fit pedigree charts to page for printing. Unfortunately there has never been a version of GenoPro for Mac.

This will be an enterprise solution aimed mainly at medical institutions but will also include a consumer version called GenoProX Family aimed at hobbyists and amateurs. It will also include something called GenoShare which allows family members to collaborate on a kinship diagram. Edraw is a diagramming application which includes templates and symbols for creating genograms.

There are several basic templates with generic family structures which you can edit and customize quickly.

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There are plenty of vector based symbols to indicate relationships, emotional states and medical conditions of individuals. If you want a genogram maker that has the same feel as MS Office but also works on Mac and Windows, Edraw is worth a look.

Top 5 Genogram Makers For Mac

You can read our Edraw review for more. So why use any of these apps when you could just draw everything on pen and paper? There are a few good reasons.

For a genogram to be effective, it has to be clear and well put together. Therapists often use genograms to help open dialog with those who struggle to talk about an issue such as abuse, mistreatment or personal problems.

19+ Genogram Templates - PDF, Word

Genogram software helps to keep things neat, tidy and organized so that meaningful conclusions can be drawn from them. These are the best kinship diagram tools for Mac users with SmartDraw being our top choice for incredible ease of use, automation features and wide range of other diagramming abilities. One example is WinGeno which is a free genogram tool to draw family constellations. As the name suggests, MacFamilyTree is more about geneology than genograms.

If you want a dedicated genogram app for iPad and iPhone check out iGenoGram.

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