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Whatever its alleged southern-Italian roots , it's a dish which we can safely embrace as an Anglo-American classic, which means I can merrily throw all notions of "authenticity" to the wind, and simply go with whatever tastes best. For the sake of my own sanity and waistline, however, I've decided to stick to plain macaroni and cheese here, rather than exploring any of the near infinite variations on the theme — you can try out Thai red curry mac and cheese on your own time. He reckons that "simplicity is the key to macaroni cheese There's no cream or spice here: Although deliberately and undeniably bland, I find the dish oddly comforting: This is nursery food extraordinaire.

After pointing out that there's "very little to get wrong here", Simon Hopkinson and Lindsey Bareham deliver a googly in The Prawn Cocktail Years by calling for penne, rather than macaroni "because the cheese sauce is better able to flow inside this larger-sized pasta".

How to cook perfect macaroni cheese

A few pointers, they insist, "will help to make this familiar yet sometimes disappointing dish into superior comfort food. One is the pasta. The other is, that because "almost all the joy of eating Macaroni Cheese comes from its creamy sauce", it's worth "going to town" on the seasoning and an "assertively flavoured" cheese. This means infusing the milk with a bay leaf and black pepper before making the white sauce, and then adding a mature Lancashire cheese, as well as a slug of double cream.

Bolder still, they suggest chucking in some sliced onion or leeks, softened in a little butter, along with a small bunch of chopped chives along with the sauce and pasta.

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It's all very refined, down to the parmesan topping, but I miss the velvety texture of the plain white sauce, and find the onion too bullyingly dominant: Most of the entries to Fiona Beckett's aforementioned Ultimate Macaroni Cheese challenge won by Helen Graves with a fabulous ham hock concoction included some cunning, but unorthodox new ingredient, like pork, or beer, or even chocolate, putting them sadly outside my classic remit. Kirsten Rogers, aka Ms Marmite Lover, however, qualified with an outrageous but nonetheless simple recipe which employs twice as much double cream as white sauce Simon and Lindsey, take note: The end result is delicious, yet so intensely rich that it can only be consumed in the most elegant of portions: Which is not exactly what I'm after.

It makes sense then, to turn to my trusty Mrs Beeton for a recipe, and she doesn't disappoint, with directions for macaroni "as usually served with the cheese course", as well as as distinctly less pleasant sounding sweet milk pudding made with the stuff.

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After a mere hour at a "quick boil", my pan boils dry, and I'm forced to move on to the next stage of the recipe, tipping the gluey mass into a dish, and sprinkling with a quite impressive amount of parmesan cheese and butter. The macaroni, which should be "tender but perfectly firm, no part being allowed to melt, and the form entirely preserved" — lest one be tempted to cook it for so long it actually disintegrated is then topped with more cheese, pepper and breadcrumbs, before receiving a final dose of melted butter for good measure and being placed before a "bright fire" to brown the crumbs, or grilled with a salamander "more expeditious" apparently, but I make do with an electric grill.

If not the prettiest of dishes, it's oddly satisfying, in an intensely cheesy, gloopy, buttery sort of way. Comfort food hasn't changed much, it seems. While cruising mac and cheese forums online I promise I haven't made these up , I notice one recipe comes up more than any other: Martha Stewart's "crack and cheese" , so named because of its alleged addictive qualities. America's only slightly tarnished domestic goddess seems an obvious choice for a killer mac recipe — in all senses, given the amounts of cheese and butter involved.

After a brief, and patriotic lecture on the history of the dish, Martha opines that, "making it more comforting, cheesier" is "a completely worthwhile way to spend your time. To begin, you still need to make a white sauce. A generous amount of butter is melted in a large saucepan, and then flour is stirred into it to make a loose paste.

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After the flour has cooked in the hot butter, hot milk is whisked in. The starch from the cooked flour expands in the milk, creating a thick, creamy sauce.

Loaded Mac n' Cheese, LA - The Great Cheese Hunt, Ep 3

The starch binds the sauce, so that when the cheese is stirred in, the result is creamy and smooth, not stringy and curdled. It is important to use pungent cheeses, such as sharp cheddar, mixed with a little Gruyere or pecorino Romano for extra bite, since the white sauce and pasta will absorb a lot of flavor. The type of cheese used will also affect the sauce's texture: Sharp white cheddar produces the smoothest result; yellow and extra sharp cheddars can become grainy. A good Italian brand of dried elbow macaroni will have the best consistency. Undercook your pasta so that it is the slightest bit crunchy very al dente in the center, then rinse it under cold water.

This stops the cooking and washes off the excess starch. You might think that starch would be useful in further thickening the casserole, but it isn't; as it bakes, that extra starch merely expands and lends a mealy texture to your sauce. The pasta will finish cooking as it bakes. The sauce will bubble, seeping into the hollows of your macaroni.

When the smell of butter and browning cheese makes your stomach growl, you'll know the dish is ready to eat. Chicken-and-Broccolini Mac and Cheese. Skillet Bacon Mac and Cheese. Jalapeno Macaroni and Cheese.

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Mediterranean Macaroni and Cheese. The groups tested 10 different varieties of mac and cheese, including some that were labeled organic, and found high levels of phthalates in all of them. The tested products were purchased in the United States and shipped in the original packaging to VITO, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research in Belgium, where fat extracted from each product sample was analyzed for 13 phthalates using validated test methods, Mr.

Belliveau said.

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Belliveau said consumers would have a hard time avoiding the chemical. Belliveau, who is urging consumers to contact manufacturers and pressure them to investigate how phthalates are getting into their products and take steps to eliminate it. Nine of the cheese products tested were made by Kraft, which makes most of the macaroni and cheese products sold, though the group did not disclose the names of specific products tested.

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Officials with Kraft did not respond to requests for comment on the report and its findings. Devon Hill, a lawyer in Washington who has experience with companies that make phthalates, said many phthalates have been phased out of food processing and packaging, and that those still in use result in very low exposures.

The cheese tests looked for the presence of 13 different phthalates and detected all but two, with some food items containing up to six different phthalates in a single product. Environmental and food safety groups petitioned the F.