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You can use the built-in printing feature on Mac to create PDF files directly, or print webpages, documents, or any type of file as a PDF document without the need for additional software. The process is simple, and in just few steps, you can print to PDF. It works by exporting the file as a PDF on the Mac print service.

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The following steps outline how to do this. This program installs a printer drive on Mac, which enables users to create any PDF file by using the "Print" option within most popular file formats.

Top 8 PDF Printers for macOS (Including macOS Mojave)

In any program, you just need to choose the print command, select the PDF button on the dialog box, and then choose the " Save as PDF" option. It will give you a virtual printer in which it prints a PDF file when a normal print task is sent to it. It is important to note that it is possible to create a desktop printer and use it to create PDF documents as well.

It creates PDF files from many image and text document formats, including jpg, tif, ico, gif, bmp, pcx, cur, xpm, tga, and ani etc. It provides plenty of tools for creating quality PDF documents efficiently and conveniently, maintained with the exact format. For instance, it can convert other formats to a PDF document with highly quality, and maintain the same layout and format of the original document, with a customized specific path to save the output file.

It works as a stand-alone interface that can work with ghost script to help you create a PDF file without buying writer software.

It has a virtual printer for all print support applications in your computer. Printing with the CutePDF involves using the "Print" button and selecting the destination folder to save the output file.

How to Print to PDF on Mac with PDFelement

Bullzip PDF printer has the capability to give you a high quality output every time. It has the most features compared to its competitors. With Bullzip, it is possible to password protect your PDF files, add a watermark and merge multiple documents.

The program comes with translation capabilities for variety of languages. It is simple and easy to use, even for beginners, and it is a very valuable tool to have in a corporate settings. Oct 24, Nov 08, Skip and Download Skip and Download. It simply sits there. And I've found out that 'dumbing down' to an earlier version of Word doesn't work for me, either, as whatever the license is that my school district has will not support that workaround; i get an error that my 'account does not support editing on a Mac.

Yes, I have tried subscribing to 'Office Fast' builds which has a version It simply does not even give a Print Dialog box at all.

How to Install PDF Printer - Auto Save PDF

If you use Antidote, Webex, Silverlight, EndNote, Zotero or other add-ins there is a potential for crashes unless you also update your add-ins to the latest update. Install updates for these programs if you have them. I think the next thing to do after updating everything is another relatively simple procedure: Perform a Safe Boot. It will take a long time for your Mac to start up in Safe Mode. The font cache is emptied.

Print PDFs and images in Preview on Mac

Only a limited number of fonts are enabled. Applications that run at startup don't run automatically. This allows you to test your app s by running them with a minimal set of fonts, an empty font cache, and without potentially conflicting apps running. Once you reach the desktop in Safe Mode try running the app having a problem. Is the problem still there? If the problem is gone: Performing a Safe Boot may have fixed the ailment. Or perhaps one of the fonts that wasn't loaded is bad. Or perhaps some other software utility is interfering.

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After testing in Safe Mode, do regular restart. If the problem is still evident in Safe mode , you may still have a bad font. Use Font Book to restore system fonts, then test again in Safe Mode.

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If the problem was gone in Safe Mode but returns during a regular boot: I think the first thing to do would be to use a font utility to validate ALL your fonts. Mac OS comes with a free font utility called Font Book , which you can use for this purpose. Get rid of any font that doesn't pass as clean and green. Then, restart your Mac and immediately empty the trash.

If you've gotten this far and still have a problem, then there are more things to explore. But if you get this far you've probably gotten rid of the crash. Either way, please reply with your results.